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Man with glasses smiling Webinar: Functional Feedback in the Workplace is a Course

Webinar: Functional Feedback in the Workplace



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Webinar Description

Effective feedback is a major factor of staff satisfaction in the workplace. If feedback is not substantive and geared towards professional development and growth, motivation, morale, and productivity can decrease, leading to burnout, staff turnover, and poor program outcomes. Using principles of functional feedback, employees at any level of an organization can deliver and receive feedback that promotes positive workplace growth. This webinar will focus on delivering and receiving feedback with positive intent – even in negative situations – and building leadership skills at all organizational levels. Relationships between job coaches and employers of individuals served will be specifically discussed.

Ryan Aldrich – Brief Bio

Ryan Aldrich (he/him) is the Principal Consultant and owner of Mission 501 Consulting, LLC. Ryan focuses his work on non-profit and healthcare organizations’ staff experience, offering recruitment and onboarding process design, creation of training curricula, leadership coaching, strategic planning, and many other services designed to increase staff retention, reduce turnover, and improve program outcomes. Prior to Mission 501, Ryan worked for service providers for 17 years in roles spanning direct support professional to program director. Ryan has been CESP certified since 2013, and serves on the APSE National Board of Directors. Ryan holds a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology and is pursuing a Doctor of Education degree in learning and organizational change. He is a psychology adjunct instructor for Southern New Hampshire University, and holds membership in the American Psychological Association, the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

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